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Grip - A simple four-letter word, which covers a complex and crucial topic so vital to the area of hockey and consequently making you go and stop fast. So, what is grip? Essentially the word grip in a hockey shoe context is used to describe the friction between the sole and the field. How a sole derives its grip, or its friction with the field, can be characterised in two main ways - adhesion and hysteresis loss by deformation. Adhesion is where the sole compound forms a chemical bond with the fields surface. It’s the ‘stickiness’ of the shoe. Deformation is where the shoe, or more particularly the sole compound, can move to fit around the irregularities of the field surface. Energy loss occurs here and friction results. This also helps adhesion too, as the more a shoe compound is able to deform around the field's surface irregularities, the greater the contact area for adhesion to occur.

Osaka statement: All our shoes have been developped after years of research in conjunction with leading footwear specialists and some of the world's best hockey players. Taking into account all aspects of the modern game, we have developed shoes that optimise performance through the latest technology. Osaka shoes are made up of the highest grade Lightweight Anti Stretch Fabric in order to gain the optimal ratio of weight for performance, protection and strength. Osaka's Pro Track Outsole was developed by analysis of the movements in the game from leading Sports Scientists.

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